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Are you knowledgeable in matters relating to entrepreneurship, small business operations,management, freelancing, investing, or being fully self-sufficient? If you’ve got experience in any of these areas and have a passion for writing about it, we would like to hear from you.

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If you are interested in publishing a post with Gainful Holdings, please submit a brief summary of what you’d like to cover including a main topic or focus keyword and a general blog outline. Please also direct us to a couple of your writing samples so we can gauge whether your content would be appropriate for our collection. Once you submit this information, we will review it and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Writing Guidelines

Must be original content of 1,000 words of more
Must contain a minimum of one link to another Gainful Holdings page
Must contain a maximum of one link to your company or website
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We reserve the right to reject or modify your post anytime if necessary

Apart from the above guidelines, we require a bit of common sense out of our guest posters. Don’t submit anything that comes across as a blatant advertisement. Also, don’t submit anything that takes an extremely aggressive or hostile stance towards anyone or anything. We are 100% against censorship, but these things just don’t facilitate the sharing of professional ideas in an intelligent way. We try to take a neutral and unbiased stance on things as this makes people more receptive. We think our writers should, too.